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機加酒自由搭配,邀您搭乘長榮航空飛向全世界。長榮假期Evasion提供優質服務,訂房與預定機票輕鬆一指搞定。. evasion中文:逃避 ,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋evasion的中文翻譯,evasion的發音,音標,用法和例句等。"area of evasion" 中文翻譯 : 避航區 "blessing of evasion" 中文翻譯 : 躲避祝福; 回避祝福 "cloak of evasion" 中文翻譯 : 閃躲服 "evasion ability. She served 18 days in prison in Italy in for tax evasion.逃税.这似乎是每个明星都少不了的,连索菲亚·罗兰都不可避免. Tax evasion is a common behavior of human all round the world.逃税是人类共通的行为,在世界各国都有相当规模的地下经济. ——期刊摘选. Define evasion. evasion synonyms, evasion pronunciation, evasion translation, English dictionary definition of evasion. n. 1. The act or an instance of evading. 2. A means of evading; a subterfuge. n 1. the act of evading or escaping, esp from a distasteful duty. evasion的意思、解釋及翻譯:1. the act of avoiding something or someone: 2. the act of avoiding something or someone: 3. the 。了解更多。 Most importantly, now all information of all employees is available, directly and online, the fraud fighting (illegal workers. Evasion definition is - a means of evading: dodge. How to use evasion in a sentence. Recent Examples on the Web But tax evasion, the failure to pay tax that is owed, is not legal. — CBS News, "New York attorney general seeks Eric Trump's testimony in Trump Organization probe," 24 Aug. In April , the judge also dismissed a felony tax evasion charge against Bowman due to lack of. Evasion definition, an act or instance of escaping, avoiding, or shirking something: evasion of one's duty. See more. dashlite.org dashlite.org MEANINGS MEANINGS Emoji Slang Acronyms Pop Culture Memes Gender and Sexuality Mixed-up. evasion evasión evasión fiscal evasionario evasiones evasionismo evasiva evasivamente evasivas evasivo evasivos evasor evasor del reclutamiento evasora evasoras evasores EV-AV EVC EVE evección evecciones Evelina Evelyn Waugh evemerismo evento eventos. Toute l'information sur la chaîne de télévision spécialisée Évasion: Émissions, horaire, concours, vidéos, animateurs, infolettre, recettes, blogues. Email. [email protected] AD. [email protected] 에바종 고객센터 운영 시간: 9AM ~ 6PM (월요일 ~ 금요일, 공휴일 제외) Address. 서울특별시 중구 정동길 33 신아기념관 호. /8/26 · Prison sentence can be commuted to fine, Huang found not guilty of dashlite.org Taitung County Magistrate Justin Huang (黃健庭) was found not guilty of corruption but sentenced to two months in prison for tax evasion, reports said Wednesday (Aug. 26).